Swans attacked on the Emsworth Mill Pond

THERE was fowl play on the Emsworth Mill Pond on Monday morning (June 3), as residents witnessed a dramatic rescue.

A pair of elderly swans, who are well known in the area, were set upon by three male swans after they were knocked into the water.

From left to right: Rita Maher, Doreen Rogers and Joan Marsh

From left to right: Rita Maher, Doreen Rogers and Joan Marsh

Luckily builders in the area rushed to the aid of the female swan which was being attacked.

Resident Doreen Rogers, of Bridgefoot Path, has looked after the duo, in their 20s and named Penny and Bossy Boots, for the last 15 years.

“Somebody pushed the female in the pond and the three males, the cobs, attacked her to the point where if we hadn’t got her out when we did they would have killed her. She would have drowned,” she said.

“I must say I absolutely praise the builders on the corner of Nile Street. They were absolutely brilliant at getting her out for me.

“Hopefully she’ll make a speedy recovery.”

As well as the builders, an officer from the RSPCA was swiftly on the scene to save the stricken pair.

They were recuperating in Doreen’s front garden, where they have lived for a number of years.

However, by yesterday morning (June 6), Penny had been taken away by the RSPCA to be cared for.

She had stopped eating and drinking and was still believed to be in shock after the attack.