Tangmere on alert over underage drinkers

The One Stop in Tangmere
The One Stop in Tangmere

A SPOTLIGHT is shining on underage drinking in a village in the run-up to the new year.

Tangmere Parish Council agreed to step up its efforts to tackle the problem at a meeting on November 13 after it was 
told teenagers were buying alcohol from the village’s One Stop and drinking it on the recreation field.

“I think a spotlight should be put on the local convenience stores of who they’re selling to,” said Simon Oakley, Tangmere’s county and district councillor, who also sits on the parish council.

The decision came after staff at the store were caught selling alcohol to an under-age customer by police last month.

The store was fined £90 for selling to a 16-year-old.

A One Stop spokesman responded to the Observer this week to say: “As a responsible retailer we take the sale of alcohol extremely seriously.

“All our colleagues undertake training on the issue and we maintain a ‘Think 25’ policy on alcohol sales in our stores. 
As a result of this issue, colleagues have undergone further training.”