Taxing journey from Chichester to Westergate

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AN ‘ANGEL’ came to the aid of a pensioner who faced a two-mile walk back to his home.

Gary Norton, 76, of Nyton Road, Westergate, had a catalogue of woes as he went shopping in Chichester on Saturday (March 8).

After catching a bus to the city, he was then unable to catch a return one home after being delayed and missing his return service, which passes through Chichester only once every two hours.

He said another bus he could catch did not turn up and then a third driver closed the doors as he got there.

Deciding to catch a train, he bought a ticket at Chichester Railway Station to Barnham, only to find replacement bus services running.

The route the bus took went close to Mr Norton’s house en route to Barnham, but he was not allowed off until the bus reached the next station, despite him asking the driver.

“He refused to let me off and other passengers took to verbally abusing me and make uncaring and rude comments, not caring that I was an elderly person with walking difficulties,” he said.

“Many times I have fallen over on rough pavements and had to complain to West Sussex County Council.”

After the bus arrived at the station, he got off and was about to begin his long walk home.

“Standing at the bus stop studying the timetable, I suddenly became aware of a woman with golden hair – or so it looked – 
standing beside me,” he said.

She asked if she could pay for a taxi to take him safely home.

Despite his protestations, she took him over to the taxi rank and paid a driver around £7 to make sure he got home safely.

“I looked round and didn’t see her go. I was so shocked, I didn’t ask her name or whereabouts she lived. She had just disappeared,” he said.

He said the woman had gone before he even had a chance to thank her for her kindness.

“I offer you a great thank you,” he said.