Teenager ‘conscious and breathing’ after coming out of coma

The man was rushed to Worthing Hospital
The man was rushed to Worthing Hospital

AN 18-year-old man who was critically ill is now ‘conscious and breathing’, police have said.

The teenager was found ‘delirious’ in the street in Wick on Saturday, October 4.

The man, who is from Chichester but staying in Wick, was taken home where relatives became concerned by his condition and took him to Worthing Hospital later that day.

Tests showed evidence of use of Class-B drugs, but it has not been established whether this was definitely a contributory factor to his illness.

He was placed in a medically-induced coma with his condition critical.

His condition has now improved, though he is still recovering in hospital, police confirmed today.

In a warning against drug-taking, detective sergeant Colin O’Hare said: “We believe that this young man may have taken amphetamine and possibly the drug GBL –worryingly and euphemistically known as ‘coma in a bottle’.

“GBL – gammabutyrolactone –and GHB – gammahydroxybutrate – are closely related, dangerous drugs with similar sedative and anaesthetic effects.

“GBL is converted to GHB shortly after entering the body. Both produce a feeling of euphoria and can reduce inhibitions and cause sleepiness.

“However, both can kill and are particularly dangerous when used with alcohol and other depressant or sedative substances.”