Teens rescued from Chichester Harbour mud flats

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Two teenagers were stuck in mud flats off of Chichester Harbour today (October 10) but were rescued without injury.

Selsey and Hayling Island Coastguard services worked with South East Ambulance Service and the Chichester Harbour Conservancy to rescue the youngsters.

The Chichester Harbour Conservancy was called by a member of the public at around 10.30am to say two people were stuck in the mud.

The conservancy called the coastguard who dispatched teams from Selsey and Hayling Island who were able to rescue the pair, and bring them to safety.

Deputy patrol officer at the conservancy, Adrian Karn said: “We received a call from a member of the public and called the coastguard. When we got to the scene there were six people trying to assist in their recovery.

“The coastguard and ambulance service arrived and luckily they were rescued with no injuries.”