The cats have got the cream with centre in Bracklesham

Cats will soon be seen arriving in a Bracklesham road following a decision by Chichester district councillors.

The southern area development control committee agreed to grant planning for a change of use of land in Harmony Drive into a cattery. It will provide six single pens, one double – or exercise pen – and one separate isolation pen.

Planning manager Peter Filtness said the applicants, Nigel and Karen Hampshire, previously proposed a larger establishment than the one now planned. The total number of cats allowed at any one time would be eight.

Objections came from East Wittering and Bracklesham Parish Council, which said this small private unmade residential cul-de-sac was not suitable for this type of commercial development.

But planning officers recommended approval, with support from local member Cllr Graeme Barrett, who said the premises were at the end of an unadopted road.

“This will provide a service for the area,” he added. “The nearest cattery at present is at Sidlesham.”

Resident George Thomas told the committee anyone living in this area would have to travel five, six or seven miles to find a cattery. “This is fair enough if you can drive, but we have a lot of senior citizens in the area who have cats for company,” he added. “I think people will be very grateful for this facility.”

Cllr Fred Robertson said cats could be very noisy, and was concerned about noise in this residential area. But Mr Filtness said the question of noise at catteries was usually not a problem, and there was no objection to the proposals from the council’s environmental health department.