The important role of a Chichester special constable

SC Will Hammond in Chichester City Centre
SC Will Hammond in Chichester City Centre

THE ‘GREAT’ chance of a special career has been highlighted by a Chichester policeman.

Special constable Will Hammond, 23, joined Chichester Police a couple of years ago and has not looked back since.

“I wanted to be a policeman since I was 12 years old – a young boy,” he said.

“This was a way to get in and see if it was right for me.”

In recent months Sussex Police has been recruiting more special constables – volunteers who have the same power as regular police officers. A new recruitment window is expected to open imminently.

“I enjoy being a special at the moment,” said Will, adding: “It helped me grow up quite a lot. It’s a great life experience.”

While volunteering a minimum of 16 hours a month with the police, Will also works at Natures Way Foods.

On Thursday, he was out in Chichester city centre handing out recruitment leaflets to people considering whether to become a special constable.

A number of young people came up to ask about what the role involved.

“It’s great knowing that the younger generation want to look at a career with the police service,” added Will. Special constables have the same power as regular officers, including powers of arrest.