The mystery of Arthur’s adventures in Chichester

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OWNERS of a Chichester cat were devastated when it went missing in December.

But as if nothing had happened, Arthur reappeared at the family’s home in Priory Road last weekend – and they want to know what adventures Arthur has embarked upon.

Peta Johnson said her sister’s cat went missing on December 15.

“The family has had Arthur since he was a tiny ball of white fluff,” she said. “Now nearly 15 years old, he’s used at least two of his nine lives, once after an encounter with a car and another time after he was diagnosed with cancer on his ears, which had to be removed. “

The family had almost given up hope, when last Saturday (March 1), he reappeared.

“In the morning, when my sister opened the back door, there was Arthur, sitting on the doorstep, sporting a red spotted collar,” said Peta. “Completely unfazed by her obvious excitement, he strolled past her and proceeded to eat the food that had been put out for her other cat.”

The family were ‘overjoyed’ but want to find out about Arthur’s adventures. Anyone who had seen the cat since December 15, should call the Observer on 01243 534153, so we can put the pieces together.