The Parent Trap – anger at sweet tactics in Chichester Cineworld

Chichester Cineworld   Picture by Louise Adams
Chichester Cineworld Picture by Louise Adams

PARENTS were angry as a cinema in Chichester trialled a new ticket scheme – at the expense of parents.

In the half-term week, visitors to Cineworld were directed to the sweets kiosk to buy their tickets, as the box office was shut.

Emma MacDonald from Yapton said she took her step-daughter to the cinema last week, and was shocked when she realised what was going on.

“I went in on Tuesday and Wednesday, I had my stepdaughter with me,” she said.

“The box office was closed, and I couldn’t collect my tickets from the machine.

“I came back again the next day, again the box office was 
shut. There were about 20 staff serving popcorn.

“I could not get my ticket from the machine. The other parents around me, you could hear their kids asking for this and 
that, parents saying ‘no I can’t afford them’.

“I asked a member of staff. They said it was to cut down double queuing, which is complete rubbish.”

She believed the cinema 
was trialling the new system at half-term to get parents to buy more sweets.

When she spoke to the manager, who she described as ‘embarrassed’, she said other parents expressed their concerns about the ploy.

Cineworld’s head office did not respond to the request for a comment before the Observer went to press.