The Prebendal School’s Nabil Umar wins Observer article competition

The Observer's winner Nabil Umar
The Observer's winner Nabil Umar

A BUDDING writer has seen his work in print thanks to the Observer.

As part of her visit to The Prebendal School earlier this year, deputy content editor Sheena Campbell challenged pupils in Years 6 and 7 to write an article based on the plot of their favourite book.

Following her visit, the articles were sent to the Observer office, where Sheena and the rest of the newsroom picked Nabil Umar, 13, as the winner.

“I was really impressed with the quality of all the pupils’ ideas on the day and subsequent articles,” said Sheena.

“However, Nabil really stood out for me.

“He had obviously listened to all the tips I gave the pupils on the day and came up with a brilliant angle on the story.

“His introduction and quotes were strong and his story structure was excellent.”

Nabil chose to write on Michael Morpurgo’s book Singing For Mrs Pettigrew.

“It was a really good, interesting book and I chose to write on it because you can imagine some of the things which go on in the story happening in your own life,” said Nabil. “I was shocked when I found out my review had been chosen, I really didn’t expect to win!”

Sheena said: “If Nabil ever decided to pursue a career in journalism I think he made a great start – the whole newsroom was really impressed with his efforts.”