Third Chichester home struck by lightning

The storm, from Goodwood. Photo by Daniel Cooke SUS-140718-091834001
The storm, from Goodwood. Photo by Daniel Cooke SUS-140718-091834001

A HOUSE was struck by lightning in Chichester in the early hours of this morning (July 18) as stormclouds gathered over the area.

The home, in Exton Road, was the third house in the city to be struck by lightning in the past few months.

The damage this time was far smaller than the previous two incidents, which saw homes in Mumford Place and King George Gardens damaged by lightning.

The fire brigade was called just after 1am to inspect the home but West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service said there were ‘no obvious signs of damage’.

The home’s electrics were checked by the crews from Chichester and Bognor Regis. They left the scene at 1.30am.

On May 22, Mumford Place was evacuated after lightning struck a terraced home and set fire to one of the bedrooms. Nobody was hurt but the force of the strike was so great it blew people in the street off their feet.

On June 7, a house in King George Gardens was struck. No one was hurt but the strike fried several electrical appliances in the home.

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