This little piggy came to live in Colworth

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A pig has taken up residence in a back garden and stray pigs have been spotted in the street in Colworth.

A black sow nicknamed ‘Miss Piggy’ has created a home for herself in a garden, causing garden-owner Liz Hanan to worry about where she came from.

“It just wandered into our garden,” she said.

“We were in the kitchen. My husband looked out into the garden and said ‘my goodness, there’s a black pig out there’.

“My gut feeling is she’s domestic and she’s looking for a home.”

The sow first appeared two-and-a-half weeks ago.

When Liz and her husband Mark went away for the weekend, Miss Piggy ploughed up the orchard, looking for worms which caused quite a mess.

Liz put her in the orchard at the end of the garden and gave her an exit to the field, but it stayed in its nest.

Liz said: “She could even be pregnant. She’s preparing for something.”

To add to Liz’s confusion, she saw two pink pigs with black spots wandering through her road on Monday night.

“They looked so bewildered. I’m sure they were dumped.”

Anyone with information can call 07803505646.