Three ‘exhausted’ wakeboarders rescued by Selsey Lifeboat crew

Both Selsey lifeboats at sea PICTURE BY MAX GILLIGAN
Both Selsey lifeboats at sea PICTURE BY MAX GILLIGAN

LIFEBOAT crew rescued three men after they got into trouble wake boarding off the cost of Selsey on Wednesday night (September 3).

An emergency call was made to the Solent Coastguard from a member of the public saying they could hear shouts for help from three people close to a jet ski about a quarter of a mile off shore from the beach at Bunn Leisure.

Selsey Lifeboat crew aborted plans to rehome after excercising and deployed two boats, and in failing light quickly located the men, who were ‘exhausted having nearly made it to shore with the jet ski in tow’.

“They said they had been wake boarding and the rope used for towing the board had been sucked into the impeller on the jet ski, rendering it disabled and they had been shouting out for help for around 30 to 40 minutes whilst trying to swim towards the shore,” a statement from Selsey Lifeboats said.

The three men were taken to shore where they were met by the Selsey coastguard, who confirmed no medical attention was needed, while the jet ski was towed back to the East Beach ramp where it had been launched.