Thumbs up for one-way arrows after near-misses

The Buzzword team give the new arrow the thumbs up
The Buzzword team give the new arrow the thumbs up

NEW one-way arrows have been painted at the St Pancras road junction in Chichester, scene of a number of near-misses – after a push from the Observer.

Claire Pepper-Smith, who works for St Pancras firm Buzzword said she saw vehicles driving the wrong way down the one -way system on average once a day.

“It happened once on Thursday and twice on Friday,” she said.

“We are worried that one day there is going to be a crash and someone is going to get hurt.”

“I’ve been here for seven to eight years and it has always been like that. When it kept happening we thought something is definitely wrong.”

Mrs Pepper-Smith said she thought the signage on New Park Road towards the one-way system was misleading and suggested you could turn right.

“It’s older people and the people who don’t know Chichester.

“We have been to the highways department twice and they say they will look into it. We think they are waiting for an accident to happen.”

The Observer went to the highways authority West Sussex County Council for a statement on Tuesday morning (October 1), and on Tuesday afternoon, the council had dispatched workers to paint additional arrows on the road.

The new arrows are on New Park Road and make it clear you cannot turn right onto oncoming traffic.

“We’re really glad that they came out so quickly after we mentioned it to the Observer and on Twitter,” said Mrs Pepper-Smith.

“We are hoping that it will alleviate the problem.”

A West Sussex County Council spokesman, said: “This issue was first reported to us back in May and the markings were updated then.

“Existing road signs and bollards in New Park Road clearly indicate that St Pancras is a one-way street.

“However, we have been contacted again about traffic turning right into the one-way system.

“We have investigated this and will be adding a further arrow to the road markings, at the junction of New Park Road and St Pancras.

“This will make it clear to waiting traffic the one-way system exists.”