Town centre petition to stop health care privatisation

SHOPPERS were given the opportunity to help stop privatisation of health care during a ‘Day of Action’ today (February 28).

Campaigners from 38 degrees, were petitioning at the Cross in the town centre this morning in an effort to safeguard the NHS.

Bob Birtwell, a campaign leader, said the group has been worrying for nearly three years about the possibility of the NHS being privatised, but now is a ‘critical moment’.

He said: “There’s privatisation that’s already happened and when it reaches tipping point the NHS won’t be able to compete.

“We think the private firms will be able to call all the shots and then they’ll be able to set the prices.”

Mr Birtwell said they were essentially trying to stop the health service from being run in the same way that it is in America, where he said the cost of health care is nearly three times as much.

“The market system doesn’t work in health care,” he said.

Dr Felicity Zulueta, a consultant Psychiatrist in Psychotherapy who works in London, said she used to work in a clinic for traumatised people but her clinic was closed, due to privatisation.

“That’s one of the reasons why GP’s are overwhelmed,” she said.

“All the services that used to look after these patients are no longer available and the result means A and E’s being flooded with suicidal patients and GP’s being flooded with patients that are not having the care they need.”