Building new roads '˜not the solution' for Chichester traffic

The '˜damage that will be done' around the Whyke Roundabout if a new flyover is built there was the focus of the latest walk in protest of the A27 plans.

Monday, 12th December 2016, 4:00 pm
Updated Wednesday, 14th December 2016, 1:36 pm
Concerned local residents examining what effect a flyover at the Whyke A27 roundabout will have
Concerned local residents examining what effect a flyover at the Whyke A27 roundabout will have

More than 25 local residents took part in Chichester Moves On’s latest event on Sunday, December 4 and viewed a block of flats that could be demolished by road widening to service a new flyover, proposed in most of Highways England’s five options.

They looked at a care home on the roundabout as well as the old Convent to the south of it which will be converted into the new Chichester Free School.

Jenny Cole from Chichester Moves On said: “Coming along the bypass to the new free school, or to Kingsham Primary School won’t be allowed in the bypass options.

“So, what will happen? Yet more traffic through town that would have been on the bypass would be my guess. What will the disruption and pollution be like round Whyke if they go ahead with these road plans?”

The new forum Chichester Moves on opposes all of the A27 options currently being considered, as well as the dropped northern bypass option.

The group wants to see a more integrated transport strategy for Chichester and its surrounding communities and wants clean, cheap, fast public transport, safer walking cycling routes and better facilities for disabled travellers.

Jenny added: “I am sure that building or widening roads is not the solution to the congestion and pollution problems that Chichester already suffers.

“New roads just create more traffic in time. We are inviting local people to get involved with us to come up with better solutions for our community and our environment.”

Anyone who wants to contact the group should email [email protected], or find them on Facebook ChichesterMoveOn.