Drivers warned that M27 will close for 24 hours this weekend between Portsmouth and Fareham

M27 closure
M27 closure

A stretch of the M27 will be closed for 24 hours next weekend for bridge demolition work.

The motorway will be shut in both directions between Junction 9 and 11 to allow Highways England to demolish the North Fareham Footbridge.

This demolition work will take place next month and the motorway will be closed between 9pm on Friday, June 14, and 9pm on Saturday, June 15.

The North Fareham Footbridge is being knocked down as part of a series of improvements being carried out on the M27 between junction 4 and junction 11 to transform it into a smart motorway.

A smart motorway uses the hard shoulder and as it stands the bridge does not give enough clearance on that lane.

Highways England said: “The demolition is taking place overnight, as we need to demolish the footbridge as quickly, and safely as possible.

“There is less traffic at night, which allows us to close the motorway with reduced impact for the travelling public, and we need to work through the night in order to allow us to re-open the motorway, as soon as the demolition is complete.”

A new footbridge will be installed at a later date.