Give your view on the possible options to improve the A27

This week's front page
This week's front page

Make sure you get today’s Observer to have your say on shaping a new A27 around Chichester – one that will transform traffic flows and will be fit for all our futures.

Today’s Observer contains a unique Your Say form outlining the many options under consideration and giving you space to state your preferences.

A year ago, Transport Secretary Chris Grayling controversially axed the scheme for a £280m plan imposed by Highways England for the A27 after residents refused to sign up to it.

A consultation of five possible changes to the current route showed that of those who participated the preferred choice was none of them.

The view was that the few minutes’ gain for through-traffic would have come at a huge price for residents in the south of the district – isolating them and causing travel mayhem.

Under the leadership of West Sussex County Council, the community was brought together to develop their own ideas with specialist consultants SYSTRA – and a significant range of possibilities have today been shortlisted.

Now you can have your say on what will go forward to Highways England for consideration.

In today’s Observer newspaper complete the form to indicate which of the ideas you approve – and those you object to.