Selsey roadworks labelled an '˜intolerable disruption'

Drivers have voiced their anger over major disruptions caused by gas main work in Selsey, with some saying it is '˜putting lives at risk'.

Monday, 9th January 2017, 3:44 pm
Updated Tuesday, 10th January 2017, 10:27 am
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Work began last week on the B2145 Selsey Road, near the Mill Lane junction, which saw temporary traffic lights installed on the only road which goes in and out of Selsey.

Commuters and resident have since expressed their frustrations over the delays caused by the roadworks.

One concerned resident, who asked not to be named, said: “This is apparently the busiest B road in Europe however the current roadworks at Ferry bend is causing intolerable disruption to all the residents and those trying to access the town.

“A town with over 11,000 residents – which doubles in the summer to around 22,000 people – having a single route is utterly ridiculous.”

“Maybe highways should finally throw some money at the situation and widen the highways or purchase land so an additional route can be built.”

They added: “Seeing an ambulance this morning with its blue lights and sirens going trying to exit the town with a mile tailback to the roadworks is putting peoples lives at risk.”

Chichester district councillor for Selsey, Roger Barrow, has stated that he has written to Southern Gas Networks and West Sussex County Council to ‘seek and improvement to this situation, especially with the sequencing and management of the traffic lights’.

Bracklesham resident Gail Douthwaite has said that she has faced severe delays taking her children to school.

She added: “Can they not complete this at night? Or at least get the signals right so that massive queues don’t happen?

“I’m not looking forward to the next three weeks.”

Paul Laker said: “The work has to be done, there’s no alternative route, so we just have to grin and bear it.

“However I would love the road to be widened all the way down and straight but neither are ever likely to happen until the fields become housing and it’ll then be too late for a decent road.”

Lynne Edwardson, spokesperson for SGN, said: “We are currently working to upgrade our gas network in Selsey to ensure a continued safe and reliable gas supply to the area.

“We’ve planned our project in consultation with the local council and while there is no ideal time for this work to be carried out, it’s been agreed this work will be completed now to avoid the peak holiday times.

“To ensure everyone’s safety around our work area and the double bend in the road, it’s been necessary to put temporary traffic lights in place in Selsey Road.

“These lights will be manned from the evening of Monday, January 9, during peak times for the duration of the work to help traffic flow past our work area.

“All being well, our project should be completed in approximately three weeks.

“We are aware this is a busy route in Selsey and we are sorry for any inconvenience our work causes.”