Arundel residents’ parking scheme consultation deadline approaches

RESIDENTS and businesses affected by a proposal for a residents’ parking scheme in parts of Arundel have until Friday (October 26) to submit their comments.

All responses received by the county council before the deadline will be considered ahead of any decision to proceed with the next stage of public consultation.

Joint downland county local committee chairman Nigel Peters said: “It is of major importance to this town that the right decision is made when it is decided in January at the CLC meeting.

“Therefore I urge everybody affected by the proposal, both directly and indirectly, to make their views clear to the parking strategy team at West Sussex County Council.

“Or, alternatively, contact me directly. I shall be more than happy to explain the nature of the consultation.”

Any general comments may be sent in writing to: The Parking Strategy Team, The Grange, Tower Street, Chichester, West Sussex, PO19 1RH or by e-mail to:

Anyone who would like to contact Nigel Peters can call 01903 734585 or e-mail:

For more on the consultation, and readers’ views, pick up this week’s Observer (Thursday, October 25, edition).