Chichester councillor launches new traffic-calming campaign

A Chichester City councillor has launched the campaign to try and make roads safer in Chichester North.

Monday, 10th January 2022, 3:56 pm
Updated Monday, 10th January 2022, 4:03 pm
City Councillor Maureen Corfield (Lib Dem), has launched a new Traffic-Calming campaign in Chichester North. SUS-221001-154543001

City Councillor Maureen Corfield (Lib Dem), has launched a new Traffic-Calming campaign in Chichester North.

“Traffic on the Broyle, St. Pauls, and Lavant Roads is the number one issue for Chichester North, said Cllr Corfield,

“Increasing vehicle numbers, with their speed, size, polluting particles, and noise are a constant cause of anxiety, worsened by September’s fatality on Broyle Road where a Little Breach resident lost her life.

“With their long, straight and uphill nature, Broyle and St. Paul’s Roads are different from other roads leaving Chichester.

The incline to the North can be too tempting for motorists to resist putting their foot down. As a consequence too many fail to keep to a sensible, comfortable, or even legal, speed.

“Few pedestrians or mobility scooter users have confidence to cross our roads.

“In addition, cautious cyclists often prefer the pavements which means that pedestrian safety is compromised here too.

“Inevitably, we residents feel forced to use our cars because this feels safer and more pleasant, and so we become part of the problem.

“On the doorstep, residents also expressed their concern about the environmental impact of our road use, and unacceptable

quality of life issues like noise pollution. Children, parents and grandparents with prams, people using mobility vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians are all at the mercy of the car and big traffic.

“Crossing into town is another nightmare, where the Gyratory and Oaklands Way have become a frightening circuit which only encourages drivers to ‘tack’ and ‘corner’ too fast.’

But Cllr Corfield is confident that solutions exist. Local Liberal Democrats are delighted that West Sussex County Council have now agreed to review of their speed-limit policy.

“With the launch of this campaign, I realise there is a lot to do. And for that I urge more locals to lend the project some of their time, a little or a lot, whatever they can manage.

“If we want this to work we will need the commitment of the community.”

If you would like to contact Maureen email [email protected] or phone 07933 939239 to find out how.