Committee to consider 20mph limit for Chichester

A 20mph speed limit for all residential roads in Chichester will be backed by West Sussex county councillors if they accept a recommendation going before them next week.

A recent public consultation showed a large majority of local people in favour of the move.

Members of the county council’s south Chichester county local committee will be considering the findings of the consultation when they meet on Tuesday, November 6, at County Hall, Chichester, at 7pm.

A report, to be presented at the meeting, recommends the implementation of a scheme which would lower the speed limit to 20mph on residential roads.

The committee will also receive a report on the current operation of the Chichester controlled parking zones (CPZs).

During the summer, residents were asked for their views on existing CPZs and whether they would like to see changes made to the restrictions in their road.

The report seeks approval to formally advertise modified proposals to introduce a CPZ in a number of areas in the city, while amending waiting restrictions within the existing city centre scheme.

Any measures decided on by the committee will be subject to a further period of formal public consultation.

Vice-chairman Cllr Margaret Whitehead said: “We recognise the high level of public feeling on these two particular issues, which is why we have tried to ensure both reviews have been as comprehensive as possible.

“A number of proposals have been put forward, which we will give proper consideration to, taking into account the views of residents.”

The committee’s meeting is open to the public.