Plans to shut ‘high risk’ Fishbourne rail crossing

A FOOTBRIDGE could be built over a level crossing which has seen three fatalities and 21 ‘near misses’ in recent years.

Network Rail has applied for permission to build a footbridge over the crossing in Fishbourne Road East.

In the application, the crossing is described as ‘very heavily used’ with an estimated 3,119 people using it every day. It also covers an access route to both The Bishop Luffa School and Chichester College.

The application mentions three fatalities, 21 near misses, nine reports of misuse and 18 acts of vandalism.

In a survey by Network Rail, 75 per cent of respondents supported the idea of a footbridge over the crossing, 14 per cent supported a subway and the remaining 11 per cent suggested other solutions, including retaining the existing crossing. The company said closure of the crossing was now its ‘highest priority’ due to the ‘continual risk of injury and fatalities’.