Response over A27 safety is ‘not good enough’ for driver

A COMMUTER is at his wit’s end over a lack of repairs to a ‘critically dangerous’ road.

Andy Johnson, 42, lives in Portsmouth and drives to Gatwick via the A27 Chichester bypass three or four times every week.

“It’s an accident waiting to happen,” he said of the state the of the road, adding the area around the Whyke roundabout was in an especially bad condition.

“The condition of the Whyke roundabout is critically dangerous and surely causes damage to cars passing over the anti-skid surface,” he said.

“This has degenerated to such an extent that driving over it now causes loose chippings from the road to shoot up and hit the underside of my car.”

Mr Johnson first contacted the Highways Agency in December, 2011, and was informed repairs would be carried out in March.

However, when the work was still not completed later that year, he was told the agency had been unsuccessful in obtaining funds.

He contacted the Highways Agency again towards the end of 2012, saying the state of the road had worsened throughout the summer.

This time, he was told the work could not take place until the next financial year, meaning it could be as late as March, 2014.

“I don’t think that’s a good enough answer. I think it needs some remedial repairs now,” added Mr Johnson.

“I’m at my wit’s end as to who’s going to show any interest.”

He added that he appreciates money is tight and many organisations are fairly cash-strapped, but he felt strongly resources should be channelled into repairs.

Mr Johnson mostly drives along the road either late at night, or early in the morning, and said he was appalled by conditions on the approach to the many roundabouts.

In response, a spokesman for the Highways Agency said: “We know the anti-skid surfacing on approach to the A27 Whyke roundabout will require replacement soon, and we hope we will have the funds to do this after April.

“In the meantime, we inspect the road on a weekly basis to make sure it stays in a safe and serviceable condition – any defects that could pose a risk to safety will have a temporary repair within 24 hours, and be fixed in less than a month. The A27 is a vital route along the south coast, and the safety record of our road network - one of the best in the world – is one we work hard to maintain.”

What do you think of the condition of the A27? Contact the newsdesk if you think there are areas which need maintaining.