Stockbridge lights '˜carefully designed for safety', Highways says

Highways England has responded to huge criticism over its temporary lights on Stockbridge Roundabout.

Tuesday, 16th January 2018, 4:07 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 2:06 am
The temporary lights were installed at the weekend
The temporary lights were installed at the weekend

After numerous people reported near crashes on the A27 junction, a Highways spokesman told the Observer: “This temporary pedestrian crossing has been installed to allow pedestrians to cross safely while the new footbridge is installed.

“They have been carefully designed to meet the highest standards, including for safety.

“Following the concerns raised about the lights, senior staff have visited the site today (Tuesday, January 16) to assess these concerns and ensure any issues are addressed.

The crossing is adding to an already congested A27 and are due to be there until mid March

“Safety is Highways England’s top priority, and we want to ensure our roads are safe for our road users and workers.”

Scores of motorists have contacted the Observer to say they have been involved in dangerous near misses.

With the lights station right on each approach, drivers have been going through green lights not realising they have to give way to traffic already on the roundabout.

Alan Sheldrick said he was nearly hit by three cars travelling at speed.

He said: “It’s lethal and with a young daughter driving this daily I fear for her safety.

“Something needs to be changed immediately before a serious accident occurs.”

Kevin Maws said a car pulled out on him from Stockbridge Road north, causing him to swerve and not see a red light on the exit to the A27 eastbound, meaning he ‘almost ploughed in to a pedestrian crossing the road’.

“I cannot believe the stupidity of the design and positioning of the traffic lights,” he said.

Lights on both approaches from Stockbridge Road north and south show red when no one is crossing and then green while traffic is flowing, causing confusion and frustration.

Queueing traffic on the junction as cars wait for people to cross is adding to the usual rush-hour congestion.

The temporary lights are in place to allow pedestrians to cross because the old footbridge is closed and waiting replacement.

The lights, and sporadic overnight A27 closures from the Fishbourne and Bognor roundabouts, will last until mid March.