Survey begins into residents’-only parking in Chichester

NEW residents’ parking schemes could be coming to Chichester after thousands of letters were sent to homes and businesses to ask their views.

A consultation is being undertaken by West Sussex County Council’s parking strategy team which has sent out 2,950 letters to residents in roads including Whyke Lane.

The consultation is taking place to see how many people support the idea of introducing residents’ parking schemes and is the result of concerns which have been raised over the past few years by residents, traders, county and district councillors.

At the moment, residents, visitors, shoppers and commuters compete for limited on-street parking spaces and in some roads this has been causing considerable problems, especially with residents who find they cannot park close enough to their homes.

The county said a residents’ parking scheme (RPS) had not yet been officially proposed. But a joint leaflet issued by the county and Chichester District Council said a scheme could help prevent all-day on-street commuter parking.

As well as making it easier for residents and visitors to park, it could enhance road safety and remove obstructions to private accesses by eliminating indiscriminate parking.

A letter to residents states: “We are still at an early stage and if the majority of residents feel as though they would not like to be included within a residents’ parking scheme, then proposals will not be progressed.

“We will look carefully at the initial views and opinions expressed and if we get to that stage, will tailor any proposals to meet the needs of as many people as we can, while taking account of the overall situation in the wider area. But our aim is to help as many people as possible park in an appropriate and convenient location.”

A form asks people to give details of any particular parking issues which they think need to be addressed in their road or area.

Residents have until May 27 to submit their views via a form accompanying the letter.

A West Sussex County Council spokeswoman said: “The parking strategy team will be reviewing parking in Chichester.

“An initial study area has been devised where on and off-street parking surveys will be carried out. All residents and businesses within this area will also be asked for their views on the parking arrangements in their road, and if they would like proposals for a residents’ parking scheme to be prepared for further consultation.”

If there is initial support for a parking scheme, then further consultation work could take place this summer.