Video of A27 congestion released

Traffic on the A27 around Chichester
Traffic on the A27 around Chichester

A SERIES of short films highlighting the negative effects congestion on the A27 has on businesses has been released.

The A27 Action Campaign and Dream Vision Media have teamed up to produce an in-depth insight into how trading and travelling for West Sussex businesses is hampered by the A27.

The aim is to encourage audiences and regular commuters who are unfamiliar with the A27 Action campaign to get involved and lobby the government to make changes to the coastal trunk road.

The A27 is a key corridor for East-West travel along the South Coast and 87 per cent of businesses responding to a survey by A27 Action agreed that improvements to the trunk road would allow business to grow in this area.

Worthing Football Club and companies such as Growtrain, Half Moon Bay Leisure and Carpenter Box have taken part in the films to emphasise the A27’s impact on their business.

Graham Bryant, managing director at Growtrain in Chichester, said: “The A27 affects the growth of our business because it is a consideration when outside businesses deal with us.

“The A27 is a half-finished project which was dualled a lot of the way through, yet there are various points which have not been addressed, which need to be sorted out.”

Dream Vision Company Director and frequent commuter on the A27, Robert Goldsmith, has supported the campaign by producing the films free of charge.

Robert said: “A lot of time is wasted sitting in queues when it could be spent working, and when you’re self-employed or running a small business, time is money.”

This week David Cameron gave a strong indication that the A27 and five other road projects around the country would be in line for a share of a £15 bn pot for improving Britain’s roads.

The videos can be viewed online on the A27 Action Facebook page and at