VOTE: Do you support the extension of controlled parking zones in Chichester?

A MAJOR shake-up of parking affecting 112 streets in Chichester is being planned in response to fears about road safety.

The district council is set to clamp down on the city’s motorists, with measures including: setting up controlled parking zones in a number of areas; amending waiting restrictions; and introducing a traffic regulation order.

Residents have until Thursday, December 20, to respond to proposed changes to the city’s controlled parking zones (CPZ), which cover a large proportion of the city’s residential roads.

Homeowners continually struggle to find car parking outside their properties, according to a West Sussex County Council consultation conducted last year.

Mrs Parker, from Oving Terrace, Chichester, has been petitioning for safer parking along her street, and has been constantly in fear that an accident will occur along these roads. “I really welcome the idea of parking permits,” she said.

“I have been concerned for a long time now that children’s safety, is at risk, because they are walking home from school and cars drive up on to the pavement to park. Some households have more than two cars, so it can be difficult to park.

“I really hope Oving Terrace will benefit from the changes. Hopefully permits and controlled parking will improve the state of the roads.”

A statement of reasons for changes by the council said the order is to: avoid danger to pedestrians or traffic using the roads; prevent the likelihood of any danger arising; and facilitate the passage of traffic.

Welcoming the changes on Facebook, Oliver James Bailey said: “We live on Spitalfield Lane and I don’t use the car much because I can never get a space, I’m sure permits would make this better.”

However, Lollo Rosso, who also commented on the Observer Facebook page, said: “The permits won’t be free – we will have to pay and I feel I pay enough in car tax and council tax etc to keep my car on the road.”

Permit prices range from £35 to £200 for a second car.

Mike Hall, chairman of the south Chichester county local committee, said: “This is an important decision for the city so please make your views known.

“We want the decision to be as informed as possible so take the time to comment and let us know what you think.”

Site notices have been put up in each of the roads affected.

The CPZ was introduced in 1990 and since then, various matters concerning the suitability of some parking and waiting restrictions have been reported to the council.

A report by the south county local committee said costs of enforcing the changes would be self-financing, with income from penalty charge notices ‘balancing out the costs’ of enforcement.

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