Travellers win planning for buildings

TRAVELLERS have won a planning battle to add new buildings and extensions to a site in West Ashling.

The application to add an extension to the site office, a new kitchen and utility room with a bathroom building for use as a day room was permitted after an appeal by a government inspector.

The new buildings will be added to the Clearwater site in Ratham Lane.

Permission was initially refused in August by Chichester District Council because of the effect of the development on the character and appearance of the rural area and whether there is justification for this development given planning policies restricting development in the countryside.

The inspector Bridget M Campbell said in her decision notice: “The council is concerned that if this larger building was to be approved it could be used as a separate dwelling with very little modification and that it would be difficult to resist an application for a permanent dwelling on the site.

“However, an appeal has recently been dismissed for just such a development on this site with a substantial policy objection relating to the loss of land available for gypsy pitches when there is an acknowledged shortfall of such accommodation in the area.

“The current proposal does not result in the loss of such land and action could be taken by the council were it to be occupied as a separate dwelling.”