Travller wants change of use for Hambrook site

A TRAVELLER who wants to use his land as a travelling show people’s site has taken his fight to appeal.

Mr P Shayler wants to change the use of the 1.34 hectares of agricultural land to a travelling show people’s site at six Priors Leaze Lane, in Hambrook.

The application was refused in January because of the effect it would have on the settlement policy area, and its position in the Chichester to Emsworth strategic gap.

The decision notice read: “The application site lies outside any designated Settlement Policy Area and is within both the designated Chichester to Emsworth Strategic Gap and the Rural Area.

“Policies within the Development Plan seek to protect both the Strategic Gap and Rural Area from harmful and unjustified development.

“The proposal would extend development into the undeveloped countryside contrary to the policies for such areas and is considered to be unjustified and unnecessary as the authority has already met and exceeded the forecasted needs for travelling show people, and would be harmful to the appearance and character of the area.

“Furthermore, if permitted the proposed development would set a precedent for similar harmful development on other land, which the Authority would find hard to resist.

“The proposal is therefore considered to be contrary to Policies RE1; RE6 and BE11 of the Chichester District Local Plan First review 1999.”

The appeal will be carried out by way of a written exchange between the appellant and the inspector.