Tributes paid to lifelong Selsey resident

Tributes were paid to a lifelong resident of Selsey on Friday, November 18.

Tuesday, 22nd November 2016, 2:53 pm
Updated Wednesday, 23rd November 2016, 2:02 pm
Barry Lindsay, picture by Dean Lindsay
Barry Lindsay, picture by Dean Lindsay

Selsey High street was brought to a standstill as the road from F A Holland and Sons in New Parade to St. Peters Church stopped in respect at the funeral cortege for Barry Lindsay, who passed away on October 27 aged 78.

Barry’s wife, Beryl Lindsay – whom he married in October 1960 – said: “With a personality as broad as the smile on his face he enriched the lives of everyone he met and we just had to do that justice.”

It was Barry’s wish that the day would not be filled with sadness but be a celebration of everything that he stood for and lived by all his life.

So, led by a ragtime Dixie band, Barry made his last journey through the streets of the town he loved so very much.

Despite the undeniable sadness, the family looked on as shop entrance after shop entrance become blocked by local shoppers who stepped out to watch the cars drive by.

Barry left the army in 1957 after completing his National Service in Cyprus during the Suez Crisis and moved back to the town as a mobile greengrocer, progressing to shop owner.

He worked 18 hours a day also acting as Coastguard watchman.

Barry and Beryl’s mutual love of the stage saw them performing, producing, and choreographing amateur dramatics before turning their skills to the professional world of entertainment as a Compare, Singer, Cabaret artist, Dancer and Actor.

Later he turned to another of his many skills becoming a carpenter and working in his son’s business until the end of 2015.

Beryl continued: “At 78 years of age, he has filled his life with more than many but kept his feet firmly on the ground and lived for his family and friends.”

Barry has been described as ‘a force of nature like no other’ and ‘a true gentleman’.

The service conducted by Father Andrew Wilkes with a special song written and performed by his son part of the ceremony, and Barry’s last wish fulfilled with a closing song – and his life long motto – that he sung himself ‘That’s Life!’ from a recording that Barry had made a few years earlier.

Beryl, Theresa, Dean and Andrew have said they would like to personally thank everyone from near and far who joined us in the day saying: “The reaction to the procession was very special and we thank you.

“The church which was full to overflowing with people who knew him or had known and loved Barry throughout his life, we thank you all.

“The party afterwards was filled with people who loved him.

“This was a very special day, Barry’s day, no one was or could be sad, it was a celebration of his life and he would, without a shadow of a doubt, have absolutely loved it.

“We are overwhelmed and deeply humbled by the outpouring of such love and affection by everyone. It’s hard to believe that one man could leave such a lasting legacy. But that was Barry.”