Tributes to ‘a titan of British politics’

SOME of Chichester’s most prominent political figures, and our readers, have paid tribute to Baroness Thatcher.

News broke of Lady Thatcher’s death on Monday after she suffered a stroke while staying at London’s Ritz Hotel.

Tributes to the UK’s first female prime minister were paid by a number of Conservative politicians following news of her death.

Chichester MP Andrew Tyrie said: “Mrs Thatcher had the will – and the skill – to communicate to a wider public, even her opponents – her commitment to arresting and reversing Britain’s post-war decline. The degree of her success in this marks her out as Britain’s greatest post-war reformer.”

Posting on social networking site Twitter as the news spread, Arundel and South Downs MP Nick Herbert said: “Britain was on its knees in the 1970s. Mrs Thatcher saved the country. She was incomparable.”

James Fanshawe, chairman of the Chichester Conservative Association, said: “On behalf of the Chichester Conservative Association, I know that all the members will be very sad to have heard of Baroness Thatcher’s death. She was a great leader and will be sorely missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends.”

News of Lady Thatcher’s death also led to tributes on social networking sites – even from those who disagreed with her politics.

“Not unexpected, but a great shame – sad to see such a titan of 20th century politics gone,” posted Dan Watson on Twitter.

“Not loved by me but at least she was a three-dimensional politician, unlike most of those we’re currently saddled with,” posted another user, BustedFender.

Commenting on our Facebook page, Sue Long said: “Some people might have disagreed with Margaret Thatcher on many things but she was willing to make tough decisions and I admired her tenacity. She had a significant influence on politics and as the first female prime minister, she was a feminist icon whether she, or you, liked it or not.

Canine Partners in Midhurst played host to Lady Thatcher during a visit in 2009.

Chief executive Andy Cook, then director of operations, remembered her visit: “Lady Thatcher was strongly drawn towards the various Canine Partners dogs in attendance, and observed the new recruits being trained. A golden retriever-cross-poodle, Doyle, was a big hit as he presented the Baroness with a posy of flowers. Likewise, in brief respite from the strong sunshine, Lady Thatcher singled out labradoodle Saffy for a quiet cuddle.”