Try again, says council over plans for Chichester College

A rethink over plans for a new £6m four-storey building at Chichester College, described as ‘rather undistinguished,’ is being urged by city councillors.

Concerns were also expressed about a loss of parking spaces resulting from the scheme, in an area of the city where roadside parking is a severe problem for many local residents.

Chichester District Council will make the final decision on the college’s application for planning permission. If this is given, the block will accommodate more than 200 building technology students currently based in Terminus Road, plus 48 staff.

The city council’s planning and conservation committee agreed to tell the district it has no objection in principle to the scale and height of the development, but it is objecting to the colour of the bricks, and maintains the scheme should form part of a master-plan for the overall future development of the college.

It will also warn the district about serious concerns over loss of some college parking in a residential area under ‘huge pressure’ from roadside parking.

Committee chairman Cllr Michael Woolley said the yellow brickwork proposed did not relate to other college buildings. “I think it is really rather undistinguished, and I think they could do a lot better,” he declared.

He added: “I just want to see it done in a way which will look good in 50 years’ time.”

Cllr Richard Plowman said he was not against expansion or increased facilities for the college, which offered a good source of education and complemented the university.

“I just feel it needs another look at this to make a building which is worthwhile,” he told the committee.

But the proposals were welcomed by Cllr Pam Dignum, who said the college was particularly pleased to have the bank of the River Lavant brought into student use.