Two budding writers get their work published

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WEST Dean Writers’ Circle enters its fourth year on a high with two of its members having their books published.

They tell the story of two very different journeys.

First, that of a ginger tom, a cat with attitude, who’s forced to follow his owners – a band 
of endearingly naïve humans – from Australia to the USA and then England.

En route he has many adventures, all told in his own words by author Susanne Hayward, who lives in Fittleworth.

Tigger: Memoirs of a Cosmopolitan Cat is published by Troubador at £10.99 and is available from good bookshops.

David Jameson, the protagonist of Peter Holloway’s book Footfall, has two feet rather than four – and seemingly as many lives.

Escaping across Europe from the tedium of Maidenhead in the late 1960s, he finds himself caught up in the midst of an international conspiracy, reaching an exciting climax in Malta.

The book is published by Kindle Direct and will shortly be available on Amazon at £1.49.

Susanne and Peter are both long-term members of the circle, which meets once a month at West Dean College and is open to friends of that organisation.

Members range from complete beginners through to seasoned authors, who circulate their work as it develops for discussion and constructive criticism.

David Warwick, chairman of the group, has some 40 books to his credit and holds a chair at Moscow State Pedagogic University.

Other members travel in from quite a wide area, including Portsmouth, Midhurst, Haselmere and Petworth – but do not meet between sessions. This has turned out to be one of the circle’s strengths, as David explains.

“An interest in writing is just about the only thing we have in common,” he said. “We get on extremely well, but with just two hours once a month there’s little time for coffee breaks, socialisation or gossip.”

Commitment to one another’s on-going work in progress is also key, while regular circulation of this via a dedicated computer Dropbox maximizes the time for what David describes as ‘informal yet informed discussion’.

Further information is available from David Warwick 
on 01243 778026 or via email