UKIP gains two seats in Chichester – full results and reactions

AFTER one of the quickest election counts ever seen, here is the full list of results, and some reaction, for the Chichester district in the West Sussex County Council elections 2013.

The end of the count in Chichester saw the Conservatives with seven seats, UKIP with two and one independent candidate.

The Bognor Regis area saw four UKIP candidates elected, two Conservatives and one Liberal Democrat.

Overall, the Conservatives have retained control of the county council although UKIP has made considerable gains.

Bernard Smith (UKIP) who was elected for Selsey said: “I’m a bit over-awed. I’m the first UKIP councillor on West Sussex County Council. We’ve come second every time.

“I’m looking forward to the challenge. We are getting to the stage now where they have got to take in to account what the party has to say, and the public has to listen to us.”

Sandra James (UKIP) was elected to the Bourne ward.

“It feels very good to have won, I’m pleased,” she said.

“I’m prepared and ready for the challenge. I’ve been a parish councillor for a long time. There is now a need to ensure our voices are heard.”

Leader of the council Louise Goldsmith was re-elected to her Chichester West seat with a difference of 975 votes between her and the second-placed candidate.

“I’m very happy to have been re-elected – I love my division and we have a terrific community,” she said.

“I’m delighted the Conservatives have also won Chichester East – it is a terrific win for Simon Oakley.”

Reacting to the news that council-stalwart Mark Dunn had lost his seat in the Bourne Division she said: “It is sad to see Mark Dunn go, but that is the national trend at the moment. We have lost a very experienced councillor, but it is just one of those things.

“We have made firm promises, which we now must deliver. This is just the result.”

The turnout was as follows:

Bourne 31.89%

Chichester East 24.4%

Chichester North 32.04%

Chichester South 27.67%

Chichester West 32.25%

Ferhnurst 30.04%

Midhurst 31.23%

Petworth 31.84%

Selsey 29.95%

The Witterings: 29.9%

In the Chichester City Council election, Len Macey (Con) was elected as city councillor for the Chichester North Ward. The turnout was 32.98%.

For our Emsworth readers, the results in Hampshire County Council Emsworth and St Faith’s division was: Ray Bolton (Con), 2,202; Ian Reddoch, (UKIP), 1,167; Tim Dawes, (Green), 778; Christine Armitage, (Lab), 636; Roisin Miller (Lib Dem), 371.

Turnout was 31.61%

In the Emsworth ward of Havant Borough Council the results were: Colin Mackey, (Con), 1,296; Ian Reddoch, (UKIP), 604; Susan Kelly (Green), 353; Christine Armitage (Lab), 350; Roisin Miller (Lib Dem) 234. Turnout 36%.

More reaction and interviews will be published in next week’s Observer (Thursday, May 9, edition).

Full results are below.


Sandra James (UKIP) 1,241

Mark Dunn (Con) 1,158

Jonathan Brown (Lib Dem) 360

Theo Child (Lab) 295

Chichester East:

Simon Oakley (Con) 894

Andrew Smith (Lib Dem) 663

Alicia Denny (UKIP) 648

Ben Earnshaw-Mansell (Lab) 349

Chichester North:

Jeremy Hunt (Con) 1,431

Michael Mason (UKIP) 675

Arthur Illenden (Lib Dem) 464

Michael Waite (Lab) 303

Chichester South:

Elizabeth Whitehead (Con) 1,024

Nigel Sitwell (UKIP) 672

Michael Wolley (Lib Dem) 508

James Hobson (Lab) 348

Chichester West:

Louise Goldsmith (Con) 1,691

Douglas Denny (UKIP) 716

Jon Stevens (Lib Dem) 339

John Bennett (Lab) 326

Andrew Emerson (Patria) 26


Michael Brown (Con) 1,350

Andrew Moncreiff (UKIP) 700

David Martin-Jenkins (Lib Dem) 339

John Smith (Lab) 259


Gordon McAra (Ind) 864

John Cherry 742

Pamela Hayton 549

Margaret Guest (Ind) 292

Bob Green (Lib Dem) 197

Frances Turner (Lab) 110


Janet Duncton (Con) 1,703

Julian Batchelor (UKIP) 809

Karon Read (Lib Dem) 394

Philip Robinson (Lab) 201


Bernard Smith (UKIP) 1,201

Roland O’Brien (Con) 1,091

Ian Bell (Lab) 332

The Witterings:

Pieter Montyn (Con) 1,265

Roger Wilson (UKIP) 829

Joe O’Sullivan (Lab) 214

Gillian Gardiner (Lib Dem) 150