Unearthed ‘buttons’ are silver and gold treasures

IT IS not every day you discover hidden treasure.

Two silver Iron Age coins and a Medieval finger ring have been found on separate occasions on land near Chichester.

The two silver coins, which were in use between 20BC and AD 4 were discovered in September 2010. The coins, which are from the same hoard, were used by a powerful Celtic tribe called the Atrebates who lived in pre-Roman Britain. The finder, who wishes to remain anonymous, said at first he thought they were buttons.

One of the intricate coins depicts a boy on a dolphin. The owner of the objects is the Church commissioner for England.

A gold Medieval finger ring with an irregular dark red stone, believed to be a garnet was found by Terry Gilbert in May this year. The intricate object is dated between the 12 and 13th century.

At an inquest held at Chichester magistrates court last Wednesday Joe Turner, deputy assistant coroner recorded a verdict that the discoveries both qualify as treasure, due to the age of the item and the fact the ring is made substantially of gold, and the coins silver.

If they are not acquired by a museum they will be returned to the owner.