UPDATE: Tangmere WWI commemoration will go ahead

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POLICE issued a section 61 order yesterday (July 31) to move on a group of travellers who arrived on the Tangmere airfield.

There was upset in Tangmere when caravans gained access to the airstrip through a private gate that was left unsecured.

The area was all set for a major commemoration event by the Tangmere Aviation Museum on Sunday, from 10am to 5pm.

West Sussex County Council immediately made an application to Sussex Police to move the travellers on, using a Section 61 order.

A similar order was used last year when travellers arrived on Oaklands Park, in Chichester, the day before a district council event was due to take place.

Police issued the order yesterday and arrived at 7am this morning (August 1) to carry out the eviction, but the airfield was empty.

Speaking today, vice-chairman of Tangmere Parish Council Brian Wood said: “As far as Tangmere Parish Council is concerned, we’re very pleased that the section 61 was issued and the fact that the museum will be able to go ahead with this event, which is extremely important.”

A number of caravans arrived on the airstrip last year, but since then a gate has been placed on the main entrance to the airfield preventing trespassers from entering.

However, it is believed the travellers gained access to the airstrip through an unsecured gate on private land adjacent to the airfield.

The parish urged people in the vicinity to make sure their gates were locked to prevent any further illegal incursions.

First world war commemorations at Tangmere under threat.