Upping speed limit into East Ashling branded ‘ludicrous’

East Ashling residents against the speed into their village increasing from 30mph to 40mph
East Ashling residents against the speed into their village increasing from 30mph to 40mph

RESIDENTS feel they have been ‘slapped in the face’ after two years of campaigning look set to be ignored.

West Sussex County Council intends to make the stretch of the B2178 between East Ashling and Chichester 40mph instead of 60mph.

But, this includes a stretch of 30mph into the village.

Esmond Pope, of Mouthey’s Lane, said he was ‘incredulous’ at the move.

In his objection letter to the council, he said: “The reason for your proposed 40mph speed limit is to make the road safer, however if you increase the speed limit at the above junction, it will be more dangerous with a greater likelihood of an increase in accidents.”

Concerned villagers gathered on New Year’s Eve along the 210m-long stretch of road that would see its speed limit increase.

One of them was Funtington district councillor Julie Tassell.

She said she was in favour of reducing the limit to 40mph from 60mph on the majority of the road, but added it was illogical to continue the 40mph stretch right up to East Ashling.

“Residents feel they have been slapped in the face,” she said.

“It does seem absurd to move it.”

In its traffic regulation order (TRO) proposal, the council described the B2178 between Funtington and Chichester as an ‘all-purpose route that typically carries up to 16,000 vehicles a day’.

It said its proposal to ‘terminate’ the 30mph speed limit on the westbound approach to East Ashling from Chichester would be ‘more in keeping with the frontage development’.

It added: “This will reduce the present length of the 30mph speed limit by approximately 210 metres and aims to improve driver compliance with the 30mph speed limit.”

David Ash is chairman of the East Ashling Traffic Action Group (EATAG).

“EATAG has spent two years campaigning for a reduction of the speed limit,” he said. “What do they do? After two years of campaigning, they increase the speed limit.”

Just before Christmas, campaigners were out monitoring the speed of cars going through the village as part of Sussex Police’s Operation Crackdown, which aims to empower residents to report antisocial drivers.

Consultation on the proposed TRO ends today.

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