Valuable tax records ‘lost’ by council

THE owner of a construction company has slammed the ‘blasé approach’ of Chichester District Council, blaming officers for losing his valuable business accounts.

Jason Grounsell, from Tangmere, stands to lose thousands of pounds because he can’t prove his half-year accounts to the Inland Revenue.

“I’m fed up with the council’s blasé approach to the whole situation,” said Mr Grounsell.

“I’m not going to take this lying down. The council sent them out to people instead because they said their storeroom was full.”

However, the council has blamed Royal Mail for losing the documents.

In a letter to Royal Mail, an officer at Chichester District Council said: “The postman signed the book to confirm that he had collected two items of mail.

“Leaving the only possible conclusion that this item of mail has been lost within the internal operations of the Royal Mail system.”

Mr Grounsel contacted Royal Mail but they had not recorded the parcel number.