Vet Ophthalmologist Robert Lowe gets to work: Video

WHILE Dr Dolittle may be able to talk to animals, veterinary surgeon Robert Lowe is able to see the world through their eyes.

Robert is the founder of Optivet Referrals, one of the only veterinary surgeries in the country to carry out specialist procedures on animals’ eyes.

Vet Robert Lowe performing a cataract operation on a dog.'''Picture by Louise Adams C131111-1

Vet Robert Lowe performing a cataract operation on a dog.'''Picture by Louise Adams C131111-1

After graduating from Bristol University, he moved to West Sussex and worked in a private ophthalmology practice in Emsworth before founding Optivet in 2006.

Its work may include anything from the treatment of infectious diseases or cataract surgery to genetic conditions that affect an animals’ sight.

Robert said: “I am a very visual person, that’s why I was fascinated by ophthalmology.

“I don’t like to simply analyse lab results, but to see the problem in front of me. This is also a subject which covers all animals and species.

“There is a shortage of veterinary ophthalmologists in the country – it is such a specialist field.”

Robert makes eye surgery on a dog look like the easiest thing in the world.

Inviting the Observer into his operating theatre, he proceeded to remove a thorn from the lens of a three-year-old labrador-cross-spaniel. The dog had run into a bush and a thorn had become lodged in her eye, after which she was referred to Optivet.

“This can normally be quite severe so hopefully I will be able to save her eye,” said Robert.

While I struggled to keep the camera steady filming the operation taking place, Robert barely faltered, removing a thorn the size of a splinter from the eye of his four legged patient.

Even though it had to be removed from inside the eye, the procedure was a success.

Having come out of her operation being able to clearly see again, this dog has well and truly earned her gravy bones.

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