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Seacombe & Co
Seacombe & Co

Simon Seacombe, Seacombe & Co Salon and Barber Shop, Chichester

Close to the railway station and bus depot, Seacombe & Co is a stylish first-floor oasis at City Business Park in Basin Road. Gleaming tiles, lush green plants and high beams make the salon reminiscent of a chic New York loft, but the vibe is just like Simon himself: warm and hospitable with just a hint of sass.

“It was a labour of love,” admitted Simon, who with 13 years as an award-winning stylist to his credit has an extensive and loyal customer base.

“I designed Seacombe’s exactly as I wanted it and my husband’s brother, who is a builder and shop fitter, did the work. I am obsessed with New York, so that’s where a lot of my influences have come from.”

Opening in November last year, Simon had been working in salons in Chichester, Brighton and Bognor. “It was time to do my own thing, but over the years I had watched salons I worked at having business troubles and I knew that I wanted to find somewhere that I could be certain of affording completely on my own; I didn’t want to rely on anyone else to make it work and I wanted to make sure I did it sensibly,” he said, adding: “I saw this place and loved it, plus it’s got the station and bus station close by, so it’s easy to get to.”

Placing huge importance on providing the very best customer service, Simon insists that he only keeps his clients, some of whom he has been styling since he was 17, by going the extra mile.

“For clients who can’t get out, I go to them, for instance. People really appreciate good customer service in hairdressing. You can do the best haircut in the world, but if the place is a mess or the staff are rude people will go somewhere else. It’s important to me to offer all-round great service. My youngest client is 2 years old and the oldest is 90. I also do weddings. I do a lot of bridal, but not many people do a groom’s package like I do. In recent years men’s grooming has really taken off. Male styling products used to be dismissed as ‘gay,’ but nowadays guys are taking much better care of themselves. I do wet shaves, beard trims and I have more male clients for eyebrow waxing than I do female. I think men feel more comfortable having a man do that kind of thing for them.”

With an eye for detail and a passion for fashion, Simon also advises on styles. “I would never pressure anyone, but I am happy to offer ideas. I love a challenge,” he confessed.

Highly skilled, welcoming and with a salon so cool makes you feel like Carrie Bradshaw should be having her roots done next to you, at Seacombe’s you’ll get service with a smile and plenty of style.

More info: Facebook: seacombeandco

Bookings: 01243 775026

Photo: Rachel Poulton