VIDEO: A taste of home for Major Tim Peake

IT may be a long way from Chichester on the International Space Station, but astronaut Tim Peake is hoping he’ll still have a taste of home.

The astronaut, who grew up in Westbourne, is preparing for his 2015 six-month space mission – where he hopes to eat meals designed by British schoolchildren.

Tim Peake who will be going in to space in 2015'Picture by Alex Rumford SUS-140705-093905001

Tim Peake who will be going in to space in 2015'Picture by Alex Rumford SUS-140705-093905001

As part of a competition run by the UK Space Agency, the winning contestants will be invited to develop their ideas with chef Heston Blumenthal.

They will then be turned into real space food fit for the astronaut.

“This is a great opportunity to get people thinking about nutrition and healthy eating,” said Major Tim, former Chichester High School for Boys pupil.

“I’m really excited that I’ll be able to eat a Great British space dinner on board the space station and for me it will be a 
very special link back to planet Earth.”

Children between the ages of seven and 14 can enter the competition, which aims to raise awareness of the importance of nutrition.

“I’m unbelievably excited to be designing a delicious meal for Tim to enjoy in space; there are some real challenges ahead, things aren’t quite the same up there!” said Mr Blumenthal.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing some incredible suggestions by the kids, and getting started on creating something Tim will love up there in space.”

There are two categories, for primary school and secondary school children, with a winner in each category. Children will need to include some British-inspiration in their dinner design.

A spokesman for the UK Space Agency said: “The constraints of living in space mean the ISS 
kitchen is different to those on Earth. Food deliveries typically arrive once every three months on cargo supply spacecraft.”

The food is long-lasting and rehydrated on the ISS.

Entries will be judged by Major Tim, Heston Blumenthal and experts from the British Nutritional Foundation.

To find out more or to enter the competition, go to The UK Space Agency’s website