VIDEO: Canine Partners puppy training – week four

JO Rothery is back at the Canine Partners’ puppy training class this week for the fourth of our step-by-step guides.

They aim to give helpful advice to pet owners on how they can benefit from the methods used by the charity’s experts to teach basic training to potential assistance dogs.

This week we look at retrieve – an exercise which is vital for assistance dogs who will need to be able to bring items such as purses to their disabled partners, but is a fun procedure which pets and their owners will also enjoy.

The technique is demonstrated by Banksy, a five-month-old labradoodle/cockapoo cross and his puppy parent Keith Cooper.

You can read the full feature in today’s Observer (Thursday, April 3, edition).

Below are the videos on sit and down, stay and recall. Still to come socialisation.

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