VIDEO: Chichester runner safe and well

THE veteran runner who was caught up in the Boston Marathon bombing has contacted family and friends to say he is safe and well.

Nick Bailey, 56, from Chichester, was a mile from the finish line when the second bomb went off yesterday. It left three people dead, 17 fighting for their lies and left scores more injured.

Nick Bailey.  Picture: Sarah Standing (112769-7197)

Nick Bailey. Picture: Sarah Standing (112769-7197)

In a posting on Facebook, Mr Bailey, who works at Westbourne Primary School, said: “I am fine, sometimes it’s good to be a little slow. I was about a mile from the finish when the second bomb went off so we were stopped and evacuated six miles out and it’s taken well over four hours to get things sorted like the bags.

“If I hadn’t had a muscle pull on heartbreak hill and slowed down, who knows. My sympathies go out to all the runners that died and those who lost their legs. Thanks be to God.”

Just before he left for the US Mr Baiiey, who has completed more than 100 marathons, wrote on his Facebook page: “Flying off to America tomorrow to do the Boston Marathon this weekend.

“Looking forward to seeing my favourite restaurant in China Town. Good luck to all doing the Brighton Marathon and should see you at the London Marathon where my son is attempting his first marathon.”

On his website, which you can see here, Mr Bailey wrote: ‘I have two goals for 2013. One is for the Boston Marathon in April and the second is to once again ascend Everest in November and run its marathon.’

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