VIDEO: Chichester’s Christmas market pulls in the crowds

THE STREETS of Chichester city centre were bustling with shoppers last weekend for the start of the annual Christmas market.

Throughout North Street and East Street, more than 50 stallholders set up shop for the festive occasion on Saturday.

The market will now run until tomorrow (December 15).

City centre manager Kim Long said: “Many shops and stall holders are reporting that the visitors to the market have come from far and wide with positive feedback.

“Last year’s Christmas market produced the second-highest Saturday footfall for the whole year and we hope that this year’s market will produce footfall in similar numbers.”

A festive atmosphere drew in the crowds and shoppers marvelled at the range of sights and sounds of Christmas, even stopping to look at a donkey in the stables outside Marks and Spencers, in East Street.

“The live nativity is popular with all ages, as always,” added Kim.

“Watching little children spontaneously singing Little Donkey to Mary and Joseph is always a pleasure to see.”

The event is a combination of numerous Christmas shopping ideas, featuring unique crafts and gifts on offer straight from the makers and designers.

Kim said: “The Chichester Christmas festivities aims to give everybody something, from Father Christmas to traditional nativity to Coca Cola lorries.”

It was revealed last month that the famous Coca-Cola truck would visit East Street on Friday, December 20, from 1pm to 9pm, after the company’s Christmas research designated Chichester as a ‘kindness hotspot’.

The truck will be touring the country until December 23 and comes to Chichester from Portsmouth, before heading to Brighton the next day.

As an additional attraction for people looking to buy Christmas presents, there is also late-night shopping in Chichester tonight 
as well as next Thursday.