VIDEO: Chichester’s Novium museum goes free

VISITORS and schoolchildren flooded into the Novium this morning (November 17) as it went free for all.

Year 5 students from St Richard’s Catholic Primary School marched from the Cross along West Street and up Tower Street to the museum, where they were greeted by two Roman soldiers who let them enter.

They were joined by visitors wandering in to see what the museum had to offer as well as looking at changes made in the run-up to the opening.

Museum manager Cathy Hakes said it was such a great atmosphere on the first morning.

“It’s lovely to see,” she said of all the visitors.

“It just feels like the right thing, definitely.

“I’ve just seen quite a few happy people. People just look really relaxed and are enjoying the new exhibits.”

See Thursday’s Observer (November 20) for more details.