VIDEO: Chichester trees cut down for development

ANGER has greeted the removal of trees on Broyle Road, as part of the Roussillon Barracks redevelopment.

Plans to build a 72-bed care home were permitted in January, 2013, and last week builders were out in force, chopping down dozens of trees on the south-west corner of the site on the corner of Broyle Road and Wellington Road.

Jenny Carr by the trees being chopped down. Picture by Kate Shemilt. C140307-1

Jenny Carr by the trees being chopped down. Picture by Kate Shemilt. C140307-1

“The northern approach to Chichester was meant to be preserved,” said Jenny Carr, of Springbank, who rushed out to try to stop the work near her home.

Writing on Chichester District Council’s website later, she said the look of the road had been irrevocably changed by the loss of the trees.

She also claimed it was nesting season and there was no evidence of a bat report of a dormouse survey.

Numerous other residents have contacted the Observer who were concerned at the work, but the majority did not wish to be named.

Chichester District Council, who granted planning permission, confirmed the work was included in the planning documents submitted by Colten Care Ltd for the care home.

Permission was granted with a number of conditions, however, some of these are currently being challenged by the developer.

One of the conditions it is seeking to discharge was for no work to commence on the site until details of the proposed surface water and foul drainage disposal had been approved by the council.

It said this work had now been carried out and was seeking permission to continue the development.

After Mrs Carr went out to try to stop the work on Friday, the police were called.

A spokesman from Sussex Police said: “We were called at 9.45am on Friday to a report that a woman was trespassing on a building site in Broyle Road, Chichester.

“Officers visited the site and spoke to the woman, who had concerns about wildlife habitat because of trees being felled, but were satisfied no crime was being committed.”

To view the original application, visit and search 12/01551