VIDEO: Crowds flock to the Emsworth Show 2013

A BRILLIANT day saw hundreds turn out for the Emsworth Show today (August 26).

In the late August sunshine, crowds came from far and wide to take in the variety of attractions and shows on offer.

Some of the exhibits at the Emsworth Show, 2013.

Some of the exhibits at the Emsworth Show, 2013.

Richard Merry and Rose Walter came down from London especially for the show.

“We’ve had a very lovely day,” said Richard.

“I’m from Emsworth and the last few years I’ve been coming back.

“It’s just a cross-section of English life: flowers, exhibitions, dogs, birds. There’s a good cross section of life.

“It’s been very nice.”

Brendan Gibb-Gray, Havant Borough Councillor for Emsworth, said: “It’s been running since 1919 and it’s still running like a dream really and gets better every year.

“We’re very proud of the people who volunteer.”

Jackie Gulliver, of The Square, Westbourne, said she had a ‘brilliant’ day at the Emsworth Show.

“I came last year and it’s miles better than last year.

“There’s a lot more events and a lot more stalls.

“I always love the birds – they’re always brilliant – and also the dog show.”

She entered two categories in the horticultural show and came first place in the something new and something old category – having made a bracelet out of old pages of a book.

Members of her family from Portsmouth came to the show to support her in the event.

“I’ve been coming the last few years but this year it’s been exceptional,” she said.

“I brought some of my family this year and I’m sure we will be coming again.”

The Pitchpipers choir performed twice at the show’s small arena.

Musical director Marilyn Penketh said it had been a lovely and well-organised day.

“It’s been fun,” she said.

Her fellow singer Rosamunde Pope said: “It’s nice to be part of it and we hope they ask us next year.”

Competition was fierce in the horticultural show

One of the big winners was Peter Rogers, 20, of Highland Road, Emsworth, who took home a number of trophies for his vegetables, pot plants and flowers, including roses and chrysanthemums.

“I’m pleased,” he said. “It’s been a bit of a struggle this week. I’ve entered 69 classes today.”

The Chichester University student said he entered for ‘old times’ sake’.

“My dad has had allotments at Westbourne for 40 years so it’s really in the blood,” he said.

“I’ve been exhibiting since the age of five.”