VIDEO: Emsworth Primary School tree planting

CHILDREN from Emsworth Primary School spent an afternoon learning how to care for the environment and plant for the future.

Along with Emsworth tree wardens, students mucked in and planted more than 20 trees around their school.

Everyone listens to the instructions before they go and plant 28 trees around school grounds.

Everyone listens to the instructions before they go and plant 28 trees around school grounds.

The partnership between wardens and the school 
began in 2009 during National Tree Week.

Originally intended as a tree-lined walk along the northern boundary of the school grounds, the rowan, silver birch, wild cherry, oak and elm trees planted in 
2009 were subjected to vandalism and not cared 
for properly.

In July and again in early November this year, wardens and students began the preparation of the ground, by removing weeds, cutting turf and removing guards 
and stakes.

Headteacher Kate Fripp was delighted with the outcome of the afternoon’s work.

She said: “The tree wardens approached us last year, and said they would like to donate some trees to the school garden for the children to care for.

“So many children showed an interest in getting involved that we had to pull names out of a hat.”

Tree wardens Francis Jannaway, Yvonne Copeland, Delia Curry and Diana Mackey helped 24 keen pupils plant the trees around the grounds.

Councillor for Emsworth, Brendan Gibb-Gray, is also a warden among his other commitments, and he was pleased with the enthusiasm shown by students.

Clrr Gibb-Gray said: “We 
are trying to encourage members of the community to plant more trees to enhance our area.

“This is particularly important in schools. Hopefully generations of children can now care for the trees as they grow.”

Those planted include seven rowans, 14 silver birch, six alders and one oak.

After a short tutorial showing them how to dig safely, the children launched themselves into the task and spent the afternoon getting their hands, and knees, dirty.