VIDEO: Fire in Chichester city centre

FIREFIGHTERS have been called to Chichester city centre after a shop fire.

The fire is currently being blamed on a possible cigarette end setting fire to some cardboard at the rear of a flat.

It started around 4.30pm.

Smoke has been rising through the shop The Little Shop of Secrets.

Mandy Rose, the shop’s owner, said: “I was reading my book because it was quiet and the smoke alarms went off.

“I thought how can that be?

“I went out the back and there was smoke coming in. I went outside grabbed the fire extinguisher but it wouldn’t go out so I called 999.”

She said she thought someone might have thrown a cigarette from the alleyway at the back of the shops, where there is a lot of cardboard.

“People go down the alleyway and throw their fags out there,” she said.

Two fire engines are at the scene and a spokeswoman for West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service said the situation was under control.